Comprehensive Guide To Download Duckduckgo Browser Download For Pc Windows 10!


For those who don’t know the DuckDuckGo browser offers more privacy and security. It is an exquisite browser for privacy-minded people who don’t like to be tracked like other search engines like Google, Bing, and multiple others.

So, we are here with an easier guide to duckduckgo browser download for pc windows 10. With the user-friendly interface along with other flexibilities, you can explore the perks that you were unable to get elsewhere.

The users should try the DuckDuckGo extensions that are readily available in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The duckduckgo browser download for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit ensures access to the tools on your computer, Android, and iOS devices. Let’s explore more about this browser in the forthcoming points.

A Brief Introduction To The Duckduckgo Browser:

  • When it comes to privacy essentials nothing can compete with DuckDuckGo. The duckduckgo browser download for pc windows 10 allows users to access the browser extensively while making a few key changes. Such changes can enhance your internet using experience as it serves better security and privacy with no tracking.
  • The best part is this browser is better than your default search engines and standard homepages. Moreover, the users are enabled to set DuckDuckGo as their default browser. Any trackers are hiding forced there’s an encrypted connection that prevents your data from stealing or leaking on the internet. Each site offers more privacy grades and shows details of the tracking and privacy practices.
  • It gives a sense of security to the users. On top of that, the duckduckgo browser download for pc offers Global Privacy controls that are built into the extensions. It states whether the website should or shouldn’t sell or share your personal information that is entirely based on GDPR along with other regulations.

Ways to install the DuckDuckGo browser extension:

In order to install the DuckDuckGo extension you need to open it on Firefox or Chrome and browse to its homepage. You need to press “Add DuckDuckGo” to your current browser. If you are using Chrome then you will be taken to the Chrome web store where you can click and add the extensions to the Chrome button.

Moreover, the following steps can help you to install browser in the more effortless ways where you don’t need to get assistance from elsewhere. At the following points, we have given a step-by-step guide on adding DuckDuckGo to different types of browsers and applications. Take a look:


  • Press and open the new tab and then navigate to duckduckgo browser download in 2023 from its website.
  • Press the menu icon i.e. three horizontal lines that are available at the top toolbar.
  • Now select the settings.
  • Under the search option, you can press and manage the search engines.
  • Now look for DuckDuckGo which is displayed list and then add it to make it your default browser.

The extension app:

  • Here you are required to press the menu icon i.e. a3-horizontal lines available in the top toolbar.
  • Now press “More Tools”
  • Opt for Extensions.
  • Find the DuckDuckGo extension or the application that is displayed in the list.
  • Now you need to press the trash can icon.

How to set “DuckDuckGo” as the default search engine?

If you don’t know the address bar in a common browser usually double the search bar. However, most of the internet or searching browser is configured to be returned Google search by default. But it entirely depends on the preferred browser that you are currently using. The users are free to select DuckDuckGo as their default engine by considering the following ways.

Downloading and installing Google Chrome: 

We all are familiar with the fact that searching isn’t possible without a reliable browser. Initially, you need to download the preferred browser, and most commonly use we all use Chrome. We can consider Chrome as the finest example in this guide configuration guide. You can change your default search engine which follows almost the same pattern as most other browsers.

  1. Chrome customization:

Before the duckduckgo browser download, you need to open Chrome’s customization and the control menu. You need to press the menu icon that is available in the top-right corner of the browser. It is the icon that is available in 3-vertical dots.

  1. Navigate to the settings menu:

Here you need to opt for the “Settings” option as it will provide a comprehensive menu of the present browser’s configuration settings. These settings include the search settings and other options.

  1. The search engine menu: 

Press “Search Engine” and then you will be able to get the finest-tune your search preferences from the menu.

  1. Opening up dropdown menu: 

In order to get access to DuckDuckGo browser download for pc windows 10 accessing dropdown menus is important. There is a dropdown menu that is available at the top of the search engine page. You need to press the arrow icon to open the menu that is available for the search engine options.

  1. Set up DuckDuckGo as the default search engine:

Now you can select DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. The menu will offer the selection of 5-different engines to make a selection from. It primarily includes DuckDuckGo whereas users are free to select and make it their default browser or search engine. Here they need to type a search query in the address bar that gives immediate access to search results obtained from DuckDuckGo.

Convenient ways to get DuckDuckGo as a Google Chrome extension: 

There is a ton of different browser extension available that gives free access to choose from. You can explore the wider range of options at Chrome’s web store and DuckDuckGo is one of them.

The main reason behind the incredible acceptance of DuckDuckGo is the privacy essentials are numerous ways to preserve your privacy. The listed ways can set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine and homepage as well. It is an easier and more accessible way to block trackers and get perks from high-end privacy measures.

  1. Visit the Chrome web store:

The users are required to visit the Chrome web store where you can find a complete library of extensions available for you.

  1. Find DuckDuckGo extension: 

You need to look for the DuckDuckGo which is an extension that can be your first result. Here the users are required to press the DuckDuckGo privacy essentials and you will get access to the extension’s web page. Here you will get a lot of detail about the extension and different traits of it.

  1. Downloading the extension: 

Here you need to “Add to Chrome” as this button will add the extension to your current browser.

  1. Adding an extension to the current browser: 

Now “Add Extension” after that, a window will appear along with information regarding the extension’s feature and functionality. Here you can get to see different permissions as well. Moreover, you need to add an extension in order to install the DuckDuckGo privacy essentials on your current browser.

Once you are done with adding extension parts then wait for a few seconds. Here the extensions will be added to your present browser. You can also view DuckDuckGo’s features as well as the privacy score for the platform by visiting and opening the extension.

It will offer access to a certain level of privacy for each website you visit and have rating-based criteria. It includes the availability of HTTPS which is also known as the presence of hidden trackers and the platform’s known privacy practices.

The privacy essentials are one of the paramount reasons you should add extensions to your browser. The privacy measures and no tracking records are the main traits that suggest using DuckDuckGo instead of alternatives.

Easy ways to get DuckDuckGo as a Firefox add-on:

Thanks to the developers of DuckDuckGo who offer easier availability of such an amazing extension at Firefox. You are required to visit the Firefox add-ons library to DuckDuckGo privacy measures to the browser that you are currently using.

  1. The Firefox browser add-ons:

Here the users are suggested to visit Firefox’s library which offers an assortment of different extensions.

  1. The privacy essentials: 

The search tab is preset at the top-right corner of the browser’s page. Here you are required to type DuckDuckGo and then press enter. After that, you will select the DuckDuckGo as the privacy essential which can be added to the web page as an extension.

  1. Adding an extension to Firefox:

Press “Add to Firefox” so that you can get access to the privacy essentials of the desired browser.

  1. Added extension to Firefox:

The window will inform about the permission and capability of the extension. After that, you need to press “add” to install it into the browser. Now the extension will be added to the Firefox within a couple of seconds and the changes will take place instantly.

The bottom line 

If you prefer more privacy and security while using the internet then consider DuckDuckGo browser download for pc windows 10. However, there won’t be much difference between DuckDuckGo and standard browsers. Still, using it can offer a sense of security and a safer internet browsing experience without any tracking record. We have enlisted different steps that you can follow for easier installation or addition of extension in a browser you are using.

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