Chrome Desktop Remote: Your Guide To Remote Computer Access


For those who don’t know the chrome desktop remote access is elevating as it is exquisite for work and personal use. On top of that, you can easily attach it to a PC and enjoy direct assistance without being present there. The best thing is chrome remote desktop offers free services that are incredibly easy to access.

Besides that, the users can enjoy perks from such an incredible thing if they are using it on specific computers. Such computers should have Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. The users are allowed to access the remote system content. The Chrome desktop remote is incredibly useful when you want to sign in to your personal or work computer from afar.

It is highly demanded that people are curious and willing to learn by accessing it to make things easier. Such a thing ensures the smoother running of services and features that are easier than your expectations. Let’s take a look at the following points to understand and unveil a step-by-step guide to accessing Chrome remote desktop.

A Comprehensive Guide: How To Use Chrome Remote Desktop For Your Pc

Using a Chrome desktop remote is easy as the newbies can use it without hustling a lot. The best thing is you don’t need to have professional assistance as the following steps can help you install and use a Chrome remote desktop.

Step: – 1: Computer connections

Certain users want to access their personal computer from another desktop or handheld device i.e. smartphones. They are required to open up Chrome on the main or host computer and then download and install Chrome. But if you are using an OS like Linux, Windows, or Mac and if such OS doesn’t have it then there’s nothing to worry about.

Within Chrome, users can navigate to Google’s Chrome remote desktop web app and then press the blue circular arrow icon available inside the box. It is labeled as “Set up remote access”. After that, you will be prompted to look for the extension i.e., chrome remote desktop extension.

Once you are done locating it now press add to chrome button available on the page that will confirm and proceed. Now you are required to go back to the initial tab and there you will find a prompt that is readily available for you to name your PC and move to the next step.

Step: – 2: Connect with a desktop or mobile device

For computer:

Here comes the convenient part as the users are required to host computers available for connections. Here you need to access it from different mobile devices or a desktop computer. Before that, users are advised to sign into Chrome and use the same Google account that they were using on the main or host computer.

However, no specific applications are required nor do you need to install additional extensions. Instead, you need the computer’s name (given by you) and then press the start connection button on the screen. You can also set the PIN for security purposes and move around your screen while running and clicking anything you want.

In simple words, the users are enabled to use their screen accordingly and they will explore an assortment of different options. The users are allowed to adjust the display accordingly and send complex commands like Ctrl+Alt+Del.

This is how you can get access to the synchronized clipboards between your computer and the host computer. However, if the user is so inclined, they can also copy and paste text easily between the two computers i.e., current and host PC.

For mobile:

In order to get mobile access, you need to download the Chrome remote desktop application for Android or iOS. But make sure your phone is signed into the same Google account that you are currently using on the computer.

Now the application will automatically show that the computer and mobile are allowed to connect. But here one quick tap and PIN are required. Once you are done with it now you can mouse around the preferred desktop by using your fingers.

On top of that, you can scroll by sliding in any direction you want. At the top of the screen, you will reveal the control bar that will enable you to conveniently switch into the trackpad mode. In the trackpad mode, you can left-click by tapping with a single finger and right-click by tapping two times.

But if you want to switch to the keyboard mode then you are required to pull up your main or mobile device’s screen keyboard and enter the desired text. But when it comes to iOS you need to look for the menu button that is available in the lower-right corner of the screen from where you can access the same options.

Simple Ways To Use Chrome Remote Desktop:

Firstly, a Chrome remote desktop is an easier and more helpful way to remotely access work or personal systems. It provides direct assistance without being present around the preferred system. It is incredibly useful when:

  • You want an application or file from your work computer and you are not around it.
  • When you want to show something to your family member without being around the computer.

Before accessing the features, installation is required which can be done by considering the listed ways as well.

Desktop installation: –

Before accessing the features of a Chrome remote desktop, you need to ensure having a Google account and Chrome web browser.

  • Look for the “Chrome Remote Desktop” by searching it in the Chrome web store.
  • After that look for the results and select Chrome remote desktop and add it to Chrome.
  • Now you have an extension and a web application that offers more control that is suggested for the installation.
  • Now launch the Chrome browser and log into your main Google account.
  • Visit the service website.
  • Press the blue circular button in order to start downloading.
  • Tap the “Continue” button that will pop up on the screen.
  • Now pick up the name of the selected computer (A) so that you can easily identify it.
  • Here you are required to select the safety measure i.e., PIN.

Mobile installation: –

Users can also use Chrome remote desktop on their Android and iOS devices. Here they need to connect it from their computer to a handheld smart device i.e., smartphone. The following steps can help you to get easier connectivity.

  • You need to download the Chrome remote desktop application for Android or iOS.
  • Now the application is displayed on the system and now enter the PIN to get access.
  • It gives you access to use the Chrome desktop remote via fingers.
  • On the Android app, swiping down from the top corner of the screen offers access to the control bar. This is how you can get access to the trackpad and keyboard mode.

Why Use A Chrome Desktop Remote?

There are endless reasons to use “Chrome Desktop Remote” whereas the following points can be the robust reasons to use it. Take a look at them:

  • Faster and simple:

Whether you want to access your work computer from home or afar, the Chrome desktop remote can help you. Here you can view a file from your home computer while traveling, partying, meetings, etc. On top of that, you can also share your screen with colleagues or friends as the Chrome desktop remote helps you to establish easier connections. With this feature, the users are allowed to connect multiple devices with each other and obtain perks from the latest web technologies.

  • Convenient:

The Chrome desktop remote is incredibly easy to access. With this, you can enjoy getting remote access where you can view files and run different programs anytime from anywhere. It gives barrier-free access which is one of the main reasons to opt for it.

  • Secure:

When it comes to security nothing can compete with a Chrome desktop remote. It is built into Google’s reliable and secure infrastructure that uses the latest open web technology like WebRTC. Here the users are free to connect their devices or share screens with confidence without worrying about privacy measures.

Gestures To Use A Remote Computer:

There are two different modes of control available which you can switch between by pressing the icons available on the toolbar:

  • Touch mode: –this mode allows you to establish interaction with the remote machine between your smartphone and personal computer. With a single touch to the menu icon or item, you can easily open it. Here you can tap on the screen instantly in order to move the cursor without dragging to the new location.
  • The trackpad mode: –here comes the trackpad mode that serves the chrome remote desktop mouse control via mobile device. The users will get a virtual mouse point that is readily available for them and it can be used by swiping your finger in order to drag it elsewhere. Using a trackpad is easy and accessible whereas opening icons needs a double-click like you used to do with the physical mouse.

The closure 

Users can use the Chrome desktop remote for personal computers and mobile devices. This feature offers easier access to the desired facilities where you can access your data while traveling, during meetings, etc. However, you don’t need to worry about privacy and security measures as the PIN is there to protect your data and establish a secure connection.

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