A Comprehensive Guide On: How To Hide Aps In IOS?


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Are you sick of people who snoop through your iPhone’s content? Well, don’t worry here you are going to learn How to hide aps in IOS in numerous ways. With these ways, you can also manage the messy home screen of your iPhone and hide applications without any hassle. Let’s uncover forthcoming points to know more.

Various ways to hide aps in iOS:

  • Remove an app from the home screen:

First, you have to remove it from the home screen as it is the easier and more accessible way of hiding apps from your phone. You can get it done in by prioritizing the following ways: –

  • Press and hold the application that you want to hide from the home screen.
  • After that select the “Remove App” option from the list.
  • Press “Remove from the home screen”.

However, you can also press and hold long enough to remove all apps from the home screen. In order to find the apps that you have hidden you need to search them in the app library. Now press and drag them to the home screen to unhide them again.

  • Hide app from search and Siri suggestions:

IOS users can consider this method to add on to the prior ones that ensure all of your applications don’t appear in Siri suggestions or searches. Moreover, the applications will be still available in the app library. Here’s how you can hide an app from search and Siri suggestions:

  • Initially, you are required to open Siri and search in settings.
  • Now scroll to the app you want to hide.
  • Here you need to turn off the toggles to make an app disappear.

Some privacy-conscious iPhone users consider hiding an app from their search and Siri suggestions. They won’t be able to use Siri commands on hidden apps which work wonders for them.

  • Hide a home screen page:

Here comes a method that allows you to hide multiple apps at the same time. There only a few people know this trick so let’s unveil the mystery here. Here’s how you can get it done:

  • The users are required to collect all the apps that they want to hide on a home screen. Now you need to press and drag the applications to the right until you get a blank home screen page.
  • Now press and hold the empty area of the home screen until the application starts jiggling and allows you to enter the edit mode.
  • Now you need to tap on the icon with 3 horizontal dots at the bottom of your screen. Here you will notice a zoomed-out version of all the home screen pages.
  • The users are required to tap on the checkmark that is present beneath the home screen page that wants to hide. Now you will notice the checkmark will vanish and the page is grayed out that is a sign the apps are hidden now.
  • In order to save changes you need to press “Done”.

After pressing done you will notice that the selected home screen page is no longer visible. But in the future if you change your mind and are willing to unhide the apps then repeat the steps to undo changes.


We have compiled each possible information regarding easier and more accessible ways to hide your sensitive apps and content from others. It is important to keep your data safe from scammers, trackers, and nosy people. So we’ve mentioned different ways to hide an app or an entire home screen page filled with apps.

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